New Holland Brewing Company – Dragon’s Milk Reserve – Salted Caramel

Fresh on the heels of their last Dragon’s Milk Reserve release, New Holland is now unleashing a blast of salted caramel on the masses. Salted caramel (the candy) is one of those things that I didn’t realize I loved until after I had it, and after having a salted caramel porter from Pigeon Hill in Muskegon, I knew that it was also a flavor in beer that I loved. Who does it better? Pigeon Hill with their porter, or New Holland with this bourbon barrel aged stout? Keep watching to find out!

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Odd Side Ales – Rye Hipster Brunch Stout 2017

Since I just posted my review of Odd Side’s Hipster Brunch Stout, I figured this would be a good time to show and compare the rye version. Both beers are pretty big at 11% ABV, but where they differ is in their barrel aging process. While Hipster Brunch uses bourbon barrels, this Rye Hipster Brunch uses rye whiskey barrels, giving it a bit of a different flavor from it’s bourbon barrel aged sibling. While both have big tastes of smoke and bacon, which one does it better? Watch more and see!

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Odd Side Ales – Hipster Brunch Stout

Sometimes when you read the description on the bottle, you get disappointed when you get a taste and none of those flavors come through. Odd Side has some pretty lofty aspirations on Hipster Brunch Stout, describing Maple Syrup, Coffee, Bourbon and Baco… WHAT!? Bacon!?? Ok, I am interested, albeit perhaps it’s more of a morbid curiosity… So anyway, what do you and what don’t you pick up in Hipster Brunch Stout? Stay Tuned!

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Founders CBS 2017 Review – The Final of the Barrel Aged Series for 2017 – Was it Worth the Wait?

Founders CBS was the most anticipated beer from the Grand Rapids Michigan Brewery. As the 6th and final beer of their “Barrel Aged” series, they had hop-heads and malt mavens anxiously awaiting it’s December 1st release. Well friends, that day has finally come and I was finally able to get my hands on it to bring it to you. I usually avoid buying tickets for beer releases because it’s usually not that much of an issue to buy beers like this if you know where to look. In the case of CBS, this seems like it’s more readily available outside of Founders home state of Michigan, which really leaves me scratching my head. Has Founders forgotten about it’s hometown fans, or have distributors just taken the beer where they’re sure it will sell? That’s not a question I can answer unfortunately – but what I can do is bring you my unbiased review.

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Brewery Vivant’s Tart Side of the Moon – A Tart Imperial Stout?

My mind was kind of blown when I tried Brewery Vivant’s Pumpin Tart, because it took what I liked about pumpkin ales and added that extra twist of tartness. Well, guess what? They’re back at it again and this time it’s a tart imperial stout called “Tart Side of the Moon”. Weighing in at 9.5%, it’s sure to be a doozy.

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