Bell’s Hopslam 2018 Review

On Today’s Breview 4 U, I’m checking out Bell’s first big release of the year – their double IPA Hopslam. Hopslam is a 10% double IPA that really fuses together the midwest style IPA with the West Coast IPA, combining it’s sweet opening notes with this piney and bitter finish. It’s probably one of Bell’s most anticipated seasonal releases year after year and I’m going to dive into it today. I hope you brought your taste buds with you!

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Bell’s Black Note Stout 2017 Review

I’m taking a look at the elusive and exclusive 2017 edition of Bell’s Black Note Stout. This time, topping over 11%, Black Note hits notes of dark chocolate, coffee and dried fruit to … a masterful performance! You can check out more info from Bell’s about Black Note here:

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Bell’s Brewing – Arabicadabra Coffee Milk Stout Review

Today I’m checking out Bell’s newest coffee milk stout, Arabicadabra. Arabicadabra was just released in October and boy is it a doozy. It’s brewed with a cold coffee extract and the added lactose makes this thing creamy as all get out. Bell’s is adding to their already killer lineup with another quality beer. You can find more about Arabicadabra at

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Michigan Oktoberfest Face-off Extravaganza!

Today I’m doing a Michigan Oktoberfest Face-off Extravaganza!

I’ve wrangled six Michigan Oktoberfest Beers – Marzen’s only! NO PUMPKIN BEERS!) I pour, taste and declare which is the best of the bunch!

The contestants are:
1. Bell’s Octoberfest:
2. Short’s Noble Chaos:
3. Pigeon Hill’s Okotoberfest:
4. North Peak’s Dauntless:
5. Dark Horse’s Oktoberfest:
6. Mountain Town Company’s Oktoberfest Lager:


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