Creston Brewery – Bokonon NE IPA

Bokonon is the first beer I’ve had from Creston Brewery in Grand Rapids. I have had a can of their Czech style Pilsner in my fridge for a month or so now, but I felt like an NE IPA might be the more interesting choice. A 7% NE IPA brewed with Mosaic and Citra hops sounds like it could hit the spot. So do I flip, or does it flop? Watch to see!

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Ellison Brewing and Spirits – Citra Evolution DDH IPA

As part of Ellison’s DDH IPA line, this time around as the name would imply, they’re featuring citra hops in full effect. At 6.75%, it’s not the strongest IPA I’ve ever had, but it’s nothing to slouch at either. Does Ellison bring their A-game and is this another banger? Watch to find out!

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Detroit Garage Project – Hornindal IPA

There’s not a whole lot to talk about with the Detroit Garage Project – I don’t know much about the brewery, or where it comes from, but Hornindal uses Norweigen Farmstead Kveik Yeast in this 10.2% IPA out of Detroit. So is it worth seeking out, or is it another run of the mill IPA? Watch to find out!

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Other Half – Oh… Dream DDH IPA

This was easily one of my favorite brews from HOMES inagural Nucleate Festival – Other Half’s DDH Oh… Dream. I was lucky enough to snag a can and bring it back to you. Out of Brooklyn, New York, Other Half is one of the most highly regarded craft breweries from a very saturated area, and this one features Tons of Citra, Galaxy and Motueka hops. Was my judgement clouded by over-imbibing? Watch for a level headed evaluation!

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Transient Artisan Ales – Rainbows and Waterfalls Double IPA

Transient is always highly regarded and highly sought after. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve had from them, but I’ve yet to be wowed. Does Rainbows and Waterfalls prove to be the one that wows me, or does the price tag outweigh the enjoyment?

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Odd Side Ales – Laughing Clown Malt Liquor

While I keep trying IPAs and Hazy this and bitter that, the one thing we need more of are craft malt liquors! Well, today I’m bringing an old favorite of mine to the channel, and that is Odd Side Ale’s Laughing Clown. I hadn’t drank a malt liquor in quite some time before I had this a few years back and it re-ignited my love of the style – and as Samuel Jackson says: “It’ll get ya drunk!”

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Batch Brewing – Rainbow Colors Blended Double Milkshake IPA!

I’ve always heard good things about Batch Brewing, but I never was able to make it out to their taproom. Well, when I saw that they’d be releasing a taproom exclusive beer – Rainbow Colors Blended, I figured it might be high time to get out and check it out.Rainbow Colors Blended is a double milkshake style IPA and it touts that it’s brewed with mango, passion fruit and lactose, but is it good?

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Ascension Brewing Company – Spool Toorf New England Style IPA

In their debut canning run from a new canning line, Ascension Brewing Company in Novi has released Spool Toorf, a 9.2% New England Style IPA that uses froot loops, lactose, marshmallow and double dry hopped with galaxy and mosaic hops. Now brewing with cereal sounds like it could be good, but is it?

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Bell’s Brewery – The Oracle Double IPA

Bell’s limited July release for 2018 is The Oracle – a double IPA in the west coast style. This is the only beer I can think of that Bell’s makes that’s in the west coast style – when I think of Bell’s and IPAs I think of Two Hearted, which is obviously not west coast. so what do I think of the Oracle? Click below to watch and see more!

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Urbanrest Brewing – Perpetual Fog

Urbanrest Brewing in Ferndale just celebrated their 1st anniversary and in conjuction with that celebration, they released today’s breview 4 u – Perpetual Fog. Perpetual Fog is a 7.5% double dry hopped IPA, and the thing I really appreciated about the label of this can is that they actually listed both the hops, and the malts used. Cryo Citra, Cryo Mosiac and Cryo Simcoe. Does that sound delicious? Watch my full review to get my take!

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