Bell’s Side Yard Ale

When I think of Bell’s beer, I think of more traditional styles, like Expedition Stout, Winter White and Two Hearted Ale. What I don’t think of is a New England Style IPA, and that’s exactly what I have here today – Bell’s first EVER!!! New England Style IPA, Side Yard Ale. They decided to not go too crazy with different hop varieties and stuck with Chinook hops, which were freshly harvested from their very own hop yard. This is a wet-hopped NE IPA, and those chinook hops went from harvest to boil in just 4 hours! Holy Logistics, Batman! So how did Bell’s do with their first NE IPA? Watch and find out!

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Barrel and Beam – Frugivore Kettle Sour – A Summer Beer with Mangoes!

Today I’m checking out a Kettle Sour from the UP – specifically, Marquette, Michigan. This is Frugivore from Barrel + Beam, which they say on their website “a brewery solely focused on crafting world-class farmhouse and barrel-aged real ale. Our name reflects the intersection of Old-World process with New-World taste and premium ingredients.” Frugivore is a Kettle Sour that’s brewed with mangoes, and they like to categorize it as a summer beer. Since it’s still technically warm enough to be summer, I thought this would be a good time to take a look at it, so stay tuned!

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Zwanze Day 2018 at Jolly Pumpkin

This is my first “vlog” so be gentle! When my buddy Tyler from Review the Brew asked me about going to Zwanze day at Jolly Pumpkin in Dexter, I wanted to go, but I just wasn’t sure how much I’d really enjoy all those sours in one place. It was a good opportunity to meet up with Tyler FINALLY since we’d been talking about it for a year. While we were there we also met up with Corey and Brady from BruRevu and got a chance to try Death and the Miser from Burial and Leave the Office from Monkish. So, come along with us on our festival journey and let me know if you want to see more stuff like this!

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Ascension Brewing – Milennials Imperial Berliner Weisse with Sour Patch Kids!

Ascension Brewing Company just celebrated their 3rd anniversary this past weekend (September 29th, 2018) and to commemorate the event, they had 4 beer releases – two version of “Just Toorf”, a Rye Barrel Aged Gorilla Juice (weighing in at a whopping 19% abv) and the beer I have here today – Milennials. Milennials is a 7% Imperial Berliner-Weisse that’s been brewed with Sour Candy (aka sour patch kids), and while I abstained from trying it at their anniversary release, I’m totally looking forward to trying it on today’s video!

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Jolly Pumpkin – Pure Speculation

This right here… is an anomaly – it is the first ever non-sour IPA that Jolly Pumpkin has ever released. If you don’t believe me that it’s a non-sour IPA and that it’s from Jolly Pumpkin, you can take a gander at the label for yourself. This was released exclusively at Jolly Pumpkin’s Dexter Taproom during the Zwanze Day 2018 celebration, which yours truly attended. Keep your eyes open for my first ever Beer Fest Vlog at Zwanze Day, which should be coming out in the next few days. In the meantime, watch this review and get my impressions on Jolly Pumpkin’s first ever non-sour IPA!

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Arvon Brewing Company – De Tour Reef

When I was in the west side of the state, one brewery that I was really looking forward to trying beer from was Arvvon Brewing. Located in Grandville, Michigan, they caught my attention when I saw them on Instagram – in particular their light house series was something I found really interesting – a collection of NE IPAs that were all double dry hopped with a single hop varietal. When I happened to find myself in a bottle shop (surprise!) I picked up De Tour Reef – this one happens to be double dry hopped with Citra hops, which is one of my favorites. How did it turn out? Watch and see!

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New Holland – Banana Coconut Dragon’s Milk Reserve BBA Stout

The third in New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk Reserve line for 2018 is Banana and Coconut. I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I heard that banana was involved. Much like my opinion on coconut, bananas can be good when done right, but there’s a fine line between being good and too much, which will almost always put you squarely into “yuck” territory for me. Well today I’ll be taking a look at Banana Coconut Dragon’s Milk Reserve, which is New Holland’s premiere bourbon barrel aged stout. With a much classier new label design, does the beer inside match the facelift that was provided on the outside? Watch and find out more!

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Roak Brewing – French Toast Devil Dog Oatmeal Stout

I’ve been waiting patiently for this to hit the shelves, and guess what… IT’S FINALLY HERE! Roak’s French Toast Devil Dog is finally hitting shelves – I’ve enjoyed it immensely on tap, but it’s almost more exciting that I can take it home any time I can find it! Hmmm, but do I like it? Should it only be enjoyed on tap? Watch and find out!

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