Big Lake Brewing – Stoner IPA Review

Stoner IPA is a 6.3% ABV IPA from Big Lake Brewing in Holland, Michigan. Big Lake says that this is a dank, resinous medium bodied IPA. That goes well with the munchies. Does that mean that Stoner IPA is a West Coast style IPA? With a name like Stoner you’d think it almost has to, by law, be a sticky icky, but does it live up to the reputation of a beer named Stoner? Watch this review!

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New Holland – Dragon’s Milk White Stout

New Holland’s latest stout in the Dragon’s Milk stout line is Dragon’s Milk White – a bourbon barrel aged stout that comes in at 6% ABV. This marks a few firsts for the Holland, Michigan Brewery – the first dragon’s milk in a can, the first dragon’s milk under 11%, and the first white stout. How do white stouts differ, and is Dragon’s Milk White worth your green? Watch and find out!

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Big Lake Brewing – Breakwall IPA Review

Today I have a “Juicy” IPA from Big Lake Brewing in Holland, Michigan – Breakwall IPA. This is the first time I’ve ever seeen this beer, and as there was no date on the can, I’m not sure if it’s new, old or maybe limited, but – this is labelled as a Juicy IPA, so is this another New England Style IPA, or does it lean more on the IPA side?

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Big Lake Brewing – Lake Haze Juicy New England IPA

From the west side of Michigan, today I’m taking a look at Big Lake Brewing’s Lake Haze, which they describe as a Juicy New England Style IPA. With the weather finally breaking (now if only the rain would go away), We really need a tasty, but lighter NE IPA, and at 5.5%, Lake Haze sounds like it could fit the bill – but is it all sizzle and no steak? Stay Tuned to find out!

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New Holland – Dragon’s Milk Reserve Cherry Chocolate Stout

New Holland’s first Dragon’s Milk Reserve for 2018 is Cherry Chocolate, following last year’s Mocha Mint, and Salted Caramel (which I’ll link to below). In the meantime, New Holland’s commercial description for this beer is: “Introducing the next addition to our Dragon’s Milk Reserve series… Cherry Chocolate! We decided to combine these two classic flavors with the rich and creamy taste of Dragon’s Milk to create a delightfully smooth treat.”

Is it a worth addition to the Dragon’s Milk reserve line? There’s no better way to find out than to watch!

Dragon’s Milk Reserve Mocha Mint:

Dragon’s Milk Reserve Salted Caramel:

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