Big Lake Brewing – Lake Haze Juicy New England IPA

From the west side of Michigan, today I’m taking a look at Big Lake Brewing’s Lake Haze, which they describe as a Juicy New England Style IPA. With the weather finally breaking (now if only the rain would go away), We really need a tasty, but lighter NE IPA, and at 5.5%, Lake Haze sounds like it could fit the bill – but is it all sizzle and no steak? Stay Tuned to find out!

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Blackrocks Brewery – Presque Ale

On Today’s Breview 4 U, I’m checking out Blackrocks Brewery’s Presque Ale, a juicy summer ale that could hang tough with any IPA. I really wish I’d tried it earlier this summer, and it makes me really look forward to trying out more Blackrocks beers.

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