Brewery Vivant – Champion Brut IPA – My First Brut IPA

I feel like there aren’t that many more firsts, style wise, for this channel, but today I have a brand spanking new beer style, and it’s the Brut IPA. Today’s Brut IPA comes to us from Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids, Michigan – and it’s Champion Brut. Brut’s are more known in the champagne world, but in the IPA world, they’re known for having a very dry finish due to the yeasts that are being used. So sit back, relax, have a brut IPA and watch this review!

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Founder’s Brewing – Curmudgeon’s Better Half 2018

Well friends, Founders 5th release in their 2018 Barrel Aged Series is upon us, and this time it’s an old friend – Curmudgeons Better Half – the maple barrel aged version of their traditional Old Ale, Curmudgeon. where does it fall in the order of best to worst? Is it better than KBS or Backwoods Bastard?! Watch and find out!

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Head 2 Head – Founders Solid Gold vs Odd Side’s Beer Me

Since the heat of summer has been upon us for a while now, you’re probably looking for a good summer Michigan Lager to quench that thirst – and today I’m looking at two lagers that were both released this year and putting them “Head 2 Head” against each other. It’s time to look at Founder’s Solid Gold, and Odd Side Ale’s Beer Me!

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