Transient Artisan Ales – Cromulent American Pale Ale

I’m finally checking out one of Transient Artisan Ales beers – Cromulent. Cromulent is an American Pale Ale, that has some very striking similarities to what we think of as hazy new england style IPAs. Was Cromulent worth the wait, or should I have gone with Obligatory first? Watch and find out!

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Tapistry Brewing – Northern Trippin

The New England Train is still running here in Michigan, and we’re not even near capacity yet. This time it’s Tapistry Brewing’s Northern Trippin on the tracks. The artwork on this can is really beautiful and I think it really shows off the spirit of the state – including some beautiful fall foliage and kayaks near pictured rocks – but does the brew inside match the beauty on the outside? Stay tuned to find out!

Find out more about Tapistry Brewing here:

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Tapistry Brewing – Heart Full of Napalm 10.5% Double IPA

For today’s breview 4 U, I’m a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm, and I’m trying Tapistry Brewing’s Heart Full of Napalm. This is a 10.5% Double IPA that really reminded me a lot of Bell’s Two Hearted, but heavier. ¬†Which do I like better? ¬†Watch and find out!

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