Mitten Brewing Company – Country Strong

The Mitten Brewing Company in Grand Rapids is probably one of my favorite breweries to hang out in, every time I’m on the west side of the state, I make it a point to stop in and check out what’s on tap. I was really surprised and happy when I was able to get my hands on Country Strong, their first commercially distributed release. Country Strong is a 7.2% American IPA that captures a lot of what I like in an IPA. What are those? Watch and find out!

Find out more about The Mitten Brewing Company at their site:

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Grand River Brewery’s Monkey Mouth IPA Review

Around these parts, Jackson MI is known more for it’s prison than it’s beer.  If you haven’t checked out Jackson lately, you should because Grand River Brewery is making one hell of a smooth IPA these days.  Today I review Monkey Mouth IPA from Grand River Brewery, and I have to rank it up there as a favorite.

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