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How Do You Feel About the Independent Craft Beer Seal?

Hey guys, a little change of pace today from the regular brewery and beer reviews.  I saw this independent craft beer seal was released today by the Brewers Association and was wondering how you felt about it.

Is it going to affect the beer you drink and buy?  What do you think about the seal itself – I’m no graphic designer but I’m not too keen on it.  Do you think standard beer drinker guy is going to care at all, or that it will influence their decision in any way?  I’ve posted what I think below – am I off base?


I love learning and I love craft beer, so why not bring the two together and bring you along too!

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  1. Brew Daddy Dave

    Hey Sean from Draft Therapy! Good topic today. I like a lot of your points. Personally I don’t think this seal is going to sway me from buying a particular beer either way. I usually know enough about the brew I’m buying to know who makes it. I still consider places like Bells, Dog Fish Head and Founders as craft Brewers. Hell, I even consider Sam Adams a craft Brewers because they were essentially the original. I will still try most of their stuff. I just don’t drink shit beer that tastes like goat piss like Bud and Michelob. I love Blue Moon Harvest, but Shock Top Pretzel is terrible… FYI!

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