Founders Brewing Company – Underground Mountain Brown (2019 Barrel Aged)

Underground Mountain Brown is Founders Brewing Company’s 4th beer in their 2019 Barrel Aged Series. This beer from the Grand Rapids brewery is a 11.9% BBA Imperial Brown Ale that uses the Sumatra Mountain Brown as it’s base beer. It follows KBS, Backwoods Bastard, Mas Agave, and will join 2019 CBS to round out the Barrel Aged Lineup from Founders this year.

In this video, I will also compare a 2017 Sumatra Mountain Brown just to see how they compare – barrel aged versus the base beer. Should Underground Mountain Brown be your next beer purchase? Is it a worthy contributor to 2019 Barrel Aged Series? All these questions and more are answered, but you have to watch to find out!


I love learning and I love craft beer, so why not bring the two together and bring you along too!

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