Ellison Brewery and Spirits – You Can Get With That Juice and Haz’N’Stein – Head 2 Head

Today I’m checking out Two From Ellison Brewery and Spirits in East Lansing, Michigan – You Can Get With That… JUICE and Haz’N’Stein India Pale Ale. Juice is listed as a Double IPA, and Haz’N’Stein as an IPA, but we know these are juice bombs and are IPAs in name only. So how does the double hold up against the single, and which one would I choose given the option? Well that’s why it’s a head 2 head, so you should watch and find out!

Here’s a link to that original Ellison You Can Get With That… Juice Review: https://youtu.be/hp1AsQvVAK4

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