Michigan Oktoberfest Face-off Extravaganza!

Today I’m doing a Michigan Oktoberfest Face-off Extravaganza!

I’ve wrangled six Michigan Oktoberfest Beers – Marzen’s only! NO PUMPKIN BEERS!) I pour, taste and declare which is the best of the bunch!

The contestants are:
1. Bell’s Octoberfest: https://www.bellsbeer.com/beer/specialty/octoberfest-beer
2. Short’s Noble Chaos: https://www.shortsbrewing.com/beers/noble-chaos/
3. Pigeon Hill’s Okotoberfest: http://pigeonhillbrew.com/portfolio-posts/oktoberfest/
4. North Peak’s Dauntless: http://www.northpeakbeer.com/nb/seasonal
5. Dark Horse’s Oktoberfest: http://www.darkhorsebrewery.com/oktoberfest/
6. Mountain Town Company’s Oktoberfest Lager:


Do you want to see more Michigan Oktoberfests? How about those pumpkin beers? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and share this video!

Old Nation Brewing’s Greenstone – An American Pale Ale

On Today’s video, I’m reviewing Greenstone – an American IPA with a little different flavor, and the last beer in Old Nation Brewing’s New Orthodox IPA series that I haven’t gotten to yet. I already had the opportunity to review Boss Tweed, M-43 and Boxer NE IPA. It’s the end of an era, and I also mention my thoughts on selling tickets to Old Nation’s Boss Tweed Double NE IPA can release coming up this week.

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