Jolly Pumpkin – Pure Speculation

This right hereā€¦ is an anomaly – it is the first ever non-sour IPA that Jolly Pumpkin has ever released. If you don’t believe me that it’s a non-sour IPA and that it’s from Jolly Pumpkin, you can take a gander at the label for yourself. This was released exclusively at Jolly Pumpkin’s Dexter Taproom during the Zwanze Day 2018 celebration, which yours truly attended. Keep your eyes open for my first ever Beer Fest Vlog at Zwanze Day, which should be coming out in the next few days. In the meantime, watch this review and get my impressions on Jolly Pumpkin’s first ever non-sour IPA!

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Brewery Vivant – Champion Brut IPA – My First Brut IPA

I feel like there aren’t that many more firsts, style wise, for this channel, but today I have a brand spanking new beer style, and it’s the Brut IPA. Today’s Brut IPA comes to us from Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids, Michigan – and it’s Champion Brut. Brut’s are more known in the champagne world, but in the IPA world, they’re known for having a very dry finish due to the yeasts that are being used. So sit back, relax, have a brut IPA and watch this review!

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White Flame Brewing Company – Mo’Peez Smash IPA Review!

White Flame Brewing Company is a brewery I’ve been eyeing for a while – and while I was travelling to the west side of the state, I stopped in a bottle shop to see what kind of goodies I could get my hands on, I noticed this striking White Flame can. Mo’Peez looks much like a Sunkist orange pop label, and it’s smash IPA heritage really had me licking my chops.

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