Pileated Brewing Company – Rainbow Warrior IPA

Rainbow Warrior is an IPA from Pileated Brewing Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Pileated Brewing is self distributing in some stores in the Ann Arbor area, and Rainbow Warrior is one of their Flagships. I’ve been meaning to get to their taproom and try this one out for a long time, and while out at HOMES, I was able to find Rainbow Warrior in a store right around the block. So was Rainbow Warrior worth the wait? Stay tuned to find out more!

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Kuhnhenn DRIPA – Double Rice IPA

DRIPA is a Double Rice IPA from Kuhnhenn Brewing Company in Warren, Michigan.  at 9.5% ABV, DRIPA has been a long time favorite of a lot of eastsiders, and until recently was only available in their taproom.  Now that DRIPA and White Devil have started hitting shelves in 4 packs, they should be getting wider distribution.  Have you had DRIPA?  See what I think by watching the video below!

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Hopslam Old Vs New – How Does Aging a Year Effect this Double IPA?

Bell’s Hopslam is a Double IPA that Bell’s claims has a 3 month shelf life. How does the taste change if you hold onto it for more than 3 months? Today I’m opening a 1 year old Hopslam (2018) and conducting a side by side taste test versus a fresh 2019 Hopslam. Does aging this Double IPA really make that much of a difference, and how does a 2018 Hopslam hold up against a 2019 Hopslam? Watch this video for all of those questions to be answered!

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Perrin Brewing – Push Hop Strawberry NE IPA Review

Push Hop is a Strawberry New England Style IPA from Perrin Brewing Company (Part of Canarchy) in Comstock, Michigan at 6.3% ABV. While I usually think Perrin puts out some pretty good stouts and darker beer, I haven’t been overly impressed with their “New England Style” IPAs. I was really looking forward to trying out their Peach Bellini when it was released, but I was ultimately not impressed. This time around my only point of reference for Strawberry NE IPAs is Tart Strawberry M43, so Push Hop is living in a pretty large shadow – but we won’t know until it gets dropped down the hatch, so let’s go!

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