Greenbush Brewing Company – Mr. Hyde Coffee Stout

Mr. Hyde by Greenbush Brewing Company is a 7.8% stout in Sawyer, Michigan. Greenbush lists this as a creamy coffee stout, and it has full fledged coffee flavor in spades, but is it too much for a non coffee fan, and does that “creamy” flavor poke through in the darkness? Find out if you’re a Mr. Hyde, or if Dr. Jekyll is more your speed!

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New Holland – Dragon’s Milk White Stout

New Holland’s latest stout in the Dragon’s Milk stout line is Dragon’s Milk White – a bourbon barrel aged stout that comes in at 6% ABV. This marks a few firsts for the Holland, Michigan Brewery – the first dragon’s milk in a can, the first dragon’s milk under 11%, and the first white stout. How do white stouts differ, and is Dragon’s Milk White worth your green? Watch and find out!

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Short’s Brewing – Juicy Brut IPA

Short’s Brewing’s Juicy Brut is a 4.2% IPA and it’s Short’s latest in the Brut IPA style. With Short’s pub in Bellaire, Michigan and the production facility in Elk Rapids, I’m always confused, but there’s one thing that I do know, and that’s that Short’s has no problem making some quality beers and they’re very agile with the beer they produce. So is the Brut style here to stay, and does Short’s Juicy Brut contribute to the overall lineup? Watch the video below!

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Bell’s Official – A Hazy, Juicy NE IPA

Bell’s Official is a hazy, juicy IPA in the New England Style from Bell’s Brewery in Comstock, Michigan. It’s Bell’s official entry in the hazy IPA style – it uses pungent american hops combined with wheat and pilsen malts which result in what they call a smooth, aromatic, juicy IPA. At 6.4% ABV, it doesn’t break the scale, but does it compare with other New England style IPAs in Michigan, and can it hold it’s own against other widely distributed New England style IPAs from outside of the state? In addition to the regular review, I also bring in some surprise competitors to see how it stands up so stay tuned!

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Speciation Artisan Ales – Mycoplasma – A Nordic Cream Ale

Mycoplasma is a collaboration Nordic Cream Ale In the Belgian Saison style from Speciation Artisan Ales and the newly formed Rake Beer Project out of Muskegon, Michigan. Speciation from Comstock is know for their open fermented beverages, including a lot of wild ales and Farmhouse ales. This is my first review from Speciation, so what did I think? Watch to find out!

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