Starving Artist Brewing – Hop Marley Double IPA

Hop Marley is a 10% ABV Double IPA from Starving Artist Brewing in Ludington, Michigan. Starving Artist is a production brewery who’s beers are mostly available on the west side of the state, but view David Horr sent this one in for me to try. With the rasta theme and colorful can art, I was expecting something pretty dank, but is that what I ended up finding? Watch to see if this brings out the true reggae in my soul.

Wolverine State Brewing – NZ Pils Brewed with 100% Nelson Sauvin Hops

NZ Pils is a 5.1% Pilsner from Wolverine State Brewing Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Wolverine, to my knowledge is the only all-lager brewery in the state, and today I’m checking out NZ Pils, which uses hopped exclusively with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand (so that’s why it’s called NZ Pils!?) Does the use of Nelson Sauvin radically change the taste of this pilsner, or is it a gimmick? All of those questions answered in addition to the meaning of life in today’s video!

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Bell’s Brewery – Song of Myself IPA – Leaves of Grass Series

Song of Myself is a 6.5% German Inspired IPA from Bell’s Brewery in Comstock, Michigan. It’s the first beer in Bell’s “Leaves of Grass” series, which are inspired by the poems of Walt Whitman. This installment “Song of Myself” puts a German twist on an American IPA classic, and uses 100% German malt and hops. So does this beer do anything to set itself apart from an American IPA, or is this just a two hearted jr? Watch for the full breakdown!

New Holland Brewing – Dragon’s Milk Reserve Triple Mash

Triple Mash is a 17% Bourbon Barrel Aged stout from New Holland Brewing Company in Holland, Michigan. Triple Mash is part of the Dragon’s Milk series, and is probably one of those most acclaimed of all the Dragon’s Milk variations. This was released on april 27th originally only in the Holland and Grand Rapids pub locations, and made it’s way out in super limited distribution to stores only in Michigan. I’ve read a few anecdotal claims that anywhere from 50-150 cases made it out to distribution, but needless to say you were probably voiding your winning lottery ticket if you were able to find one of these on shelves. Thankfully ASMR People on YouTube reached out to me to get me this bottle and that’s how it’s making it’s way here today!

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