Bell’s Brewery – Double Two Hearted Ale – Double IPA

Bell’s Two Hearted is one the highest reviewed beers in the country, and admittedly one of my favorites – so when I heard that Bell’s was releasing their Double Two Hearted, an 11% double IPA version of their already hugely successful IPA, it was a no brainer that I had to bring it to the channel for you. I’ve said over and over that Two Hearted is one of my all time favorite beers – definitely in my top 5, so how does the double IPA version of it rank? Can it take the top spot? Watch and find out!

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One Reply to “Bell’s Brewery – Double Two Hearted Ale – Double IPA”

  1. Sean, i thinknwe were separated at birth because Two Hearted is also my favorite beer. I can’t believe this beer exists. I have been saying for years that I wish Bells would make a double version of Two Hearted. I need to get down to the tap room with my growler. Thanks for this great review!

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