Witch’s Hat Brewery – Train Hopper IPA!

Train Hopper is the first distributed bottled beer from Witch’s Hat in South Lyon. I recently reviewed Witch’s Hat’s This Guy double New England style IPA, and thought that it was one of the top 3 double NE IPAs in Michigan. I haven’t tried Train Hopper in quite some time, and since this was it’s first release outside of the taproom, I figured there was no time better than the present to try it out. What did I think? Watch and find out!

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Ellison Brewing and Spirits – Der Roest Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout

Der Roest by Ellison Brewing and Spirits is one of the most intriguing stouts I’ve had since Brewery Vivant’s Tart Side of the Moon. It’s a bourbon barrel aged imperial stout, but unlike most BBA stouts, it doesn’t taste heavily of bourbon. Is Der Roest from Ellison Brewing and Spirits for you? Stay tuned!

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Jaden James Brewery – Monkey Butter Porter Review

Reviewing beer, I try a lot of different types of beer. I feel like one of the most overpromised and under delivered beer flavors is peanut butter. Jaden James Monkey Butter Porter (aka Peanut Butter Porter) is one of the first porters that I’ve had that puts exactly what you get in the beer on it’s cans. Watch this video for my full rundown of one of Michigan’s best porters.

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Petoskey Brewing – Robusta Nut Coconut Chocolate Porter

Petoskey Brewing’s Robusta Nut is a Coconut Chocolate Porter that weighs in at 5.5%, which is fairly typical for a porter – where it attempts to stand out is by not only having flavors of coconut, but chocolate too. There are plenty of coconut porters on the market – and a lot of good ones here in Michigan, but I don’t know too many that attempt to weave chocolate into their flavor profile as well. How does it all hash out in the end? Stay tuned to find out!

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Perrin Brewing – Peach Bellini New England style IPA

Back at it again with another Michigan New England style IPA and this time it’s Peach Bellini from Perrin Brewing in Comstock Park, MI. Perrin has been really experimenting a lot with fruit flavored IPAs and this time they went whole hog with a new england style. How does it match up with other New England styles from the state? Was it worth the wait? Watch and see!

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